Are you on track with your child’s vaccination schedule?

Give your child a beautiful future by getting your child vaccinated on time.

This year resolute to back your little champ protection plan against almost 15 vaccine preventable diseases.

A range of recommended vaccinations is listed out for children of various age group starting from Hepatitis B1 (HepB), Diphtheria, tetanus, & acellular pertussis3 (DTaP: <7 yrs), Influenza7 (IIV; LAIV), Measles, mumps, rubella8 (MMR), Pneumococcal conjugate5 (PCV13) and much more.

  • On-time vaccination can save your child’s life.
  • Protect your precious one safe and energetic.
  • Save time and money by timely immunizations.
  • Secure your future generation against transmitted syndrome.

A vaccine is an antigenic preparation used to produce active immunity to a disease, in order to prevent or reduce the effects of infection by any natural or wild pathogen. Many vaccines require multiple doses for maximum effectiveness, either to produce sufficient initial immune response or to boost response that fades over time.

Get in terms with your child’s healthcare provider today to know whether your child is up to date with all recommended vaccines.

Because, if you follow up on all necessary vaccinations now, then you as a parent can safeguard your child’s future and there is a temendous chance to eliminate quite a few fatal diseases and make sure that some lethal diseases of today will no longer be around to harm your children in the future.