Simple Ways To Prevent Kidney Stones

One out of every ten people will suffer from kidney stones in their lifetime. Fortunately, kidney stones can be often treated without any surgical intervention. Also, a few lifestyle guidelines can be adopted to prevent the very bout of kidney stones.

Drink enough water & healthy beverages: Inadequate urine flow results in the sedimentation of unwanted minerals down in the kidney nephrons and the urinary tract. When you drink plenty of water, these minerals get flushed out. Coconut water and fresh lemonade are excellent options to keep kidney stones at bay.

Limit the intake of seafood: Seafood, meat, and other proteinaceous foods are rich in compounds called purines. High purine levels increase the production of uric acid leading to uric acid stones. Oxalate is a substance that is present is several foods. It binds calcium to form calcium oxalate crystals or stones while urine is produced by the kidneys.

Reduce the intake of salt: Keep a watch on your salt intake. Salt contains sodium. When your diet is high in sodium, it causes over-excretion of calcium into urine by the kidneys.

Maintain your weight: Obesity is linked to a lot of diseases and kidney stone is also one of them. You are more likely to suffer from kidney stones if you are overweight.

Don’t hold your pee for too long: Holding urine in the bladder for too long is one of the reasons that provokes kidney stones. It breeds toxins and minerals, which accumulate and crystallizes over the time to form stones.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes: Alcohol and smoking do not directly cause kidney stones. But it can disturb hormonal control that influences the kidney function.