Tips to Prevent Malaria

On this Malaria Day, we give you best tips to prevent Malaria. Keep yourself and your family safe from malaria.

  1. When you are traveling, make sure you know about malaria risk in that area before.
  2. Get rid of any dump yard near your house.
  3. Keep the area of your house clean and clean of stagnant water.
  4. Clean the drains.
  5. Don’t sleep outdoors; stay covered at night use mosquito bed net.
  6. If possible attach a mosquito net to the windows and doors.
  7. Use effective mosquito repellents when outdoors.
  8. Wear dresses that cover your body, with min skin exposed.
  9. If possible use a sunscreen that covers as a repellent too.
  10. Do not forget to take the anti-malarial during your journey.

This is a general guidance tip! Each and every person’s condition might be different, It would be wise to consult your physician before you put any into practice.