Tips to pull off a Comfortable and Healthy Pregnancy this Summer

Being pregnant during summers is quite a tough deal to get through, with all the heat flushing and mood swings. Not to mention that your baby bump is getting bigger every day making difficult for you to move around. You can thank us later for presenting you with these very useful tips to pull off a comfortable and healthy pregnancy this summer. No more endure all the heat woes, follow our health Gyan.

  1. Getting enough fluids is especially during the heat months.
  2. Make your coolers healthy, filled with fruit.
  3. Eat at ease, because everything will make you bloat.
  4. Munch on veggies like greens, citrus fruits and natural diuretics.
  5. Take a dip, if the heat exhausts you.
  6. Wear comfortable maternity clothes, go loose.
  7. Pursue your hobbies, keep yourself occupied.
  8. Do anything and everything that makes you happy.

This is a general guidance tip! Each and every person’s condition might be different, It would be wise to consult your physician before you put any into practice