Worst Food to Avoid during the Summer Season

Summers are that time of the year when travel is on your list and along with that comes food from different areas that don’t always count as healthy. And as it is summer, your tummy gets affects as often as now and then. To beat that we are here today to give you a brief idea of the brief food list that is worse for summer.

  1. Cookies, Ice-cream sandwich- in short, sugary items.
  2. Fried food like doughnuts.
  3. Spicy food.
  4. Too much of non-veg and less of greens.
  5. Fried food.
  6. Beer is good to beat the heat but not the Cocktails.
  7. Pork and beef as they have more fat.

This is a general guidance tip! Each and every person’s condition might be different, It would be wise to consult your physician before you put any into practice.